Its The Annoying, Out-spoken Yet Loving Lady I Call Mom.

Now… What are you thankful for? Actually that makes it difficult. What are you grateful for. Is it the air you breathe that keeps you alive, the job that keeps you going, the shelter over your head that keeps you coming in, the annoying family and friends who knows how to tick you off or something so simple  like your beauty or brains that you overlook. I want to know what you’re grateful for; what keeps you alive, what keeps you going, what keeps you coming. Share with me and the rest of the world.

Run Your Knit Out.

Didn’t that get your attention enough? He is a Missouri runner who knitted his heart out for the New York City marathon. It is very fascinating and intriguing to see how creative people can be. The titles from the news articles I read it from drew my attention so much that I was curious to find out exactly what the purpose behind it. David Babcock’s motive behind this is to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. He had knitted a scarf long above 12 foot long that could definitely come in handy on a cold winter afternoon when he stepped crossed the finish line in Kansas City. It is two-person club open to all to support to support the Alzheimer’s association. David Babcock was inspired by Hewer; a 56-year on runner who was thought by her mother Peggy how to knit. She ran her first marathon to raised money when her mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia. It was a silly idea from a friend in the beginning but then she thought to herself “why not make a record out of it. I would love to ask Hewer is she ever imagined this going global. What is the next step for this club across the nation? How can this legacy live on? What amount have they raised since the first marathon in 2006, and the lives that have been impacted. Individuals like you and I should join David and Hewer. There is so much going on in the world of today, so if you can change the world one way or the other what would it be and how would you go about it? If you had an opportunity to do something to make a difference like the movement David Babcock is doing, how would yours be?

I Call You A Survivor!

I was devastated and heart broken when I received that phone call. I never thought in a million years that you would say good bye this way. My face floods with tears as It runs down my cheeks to the ground. You were my angel on earth, my safe haven, my caregiver, that number i can dial for a long chat anytime of the day! You reflect the epitome of a true woman. Your heart was always warm and receptive to everyone. You lighten up the room when you walked in. I bleed tears because I can’t imagine another intellectual confident lady as beautiful as you are. You are in my heart and will forever remain there. Joana Ampong you were the my mother, the sister the therapist, the strength I found in an aunt. I can vividly remember the evening I called you and was sobbing for hours about how tired I was. You were concerned but said nothing. After you listened to my complaints the only words you said before I hung up was “let it all go, I promise It will be ok”. It mattered a lot to me because you didn’t impose nothing on me but you heard me out and thought me that listening can turns things around for good. Auntie Joan I  love you and miss you more than ever! If there was one thing I learned from you, it will be your courage. You were a risk taker and you instilled so much values in me more than you think. November 2nd I lost a loved one, I lost a soldier. I thank you so much for this amazing priceless gift any niece can ask for. I held in my hands for the first time a precious beautiful week old baby cousin. I call you a trooper! I call you a survivor! My mind is trembling trying to understand and off course thats impossible. I will and could never understand. I lost you too soon. And today I am still coping having to let you go which will never happen. Before we hang up let me say this “let it all go, I promise you Jesse will never feel the absence of a mother”.