What Should A Good Relationship Be About?

In my mind when somebody says “relationship” I think of my girlfriends or my family. But of course relationships include our friends both men and women, family, co-workers, directors and supervisors, church family, strangers etc. Relationships are hard point blank! They can bring us down or uplift us, it can confuse us, scare us for life and we may not even realize it. But it all depend on you as an individual. My chiropractor said to me the other day “if you cant understand the women who carried you in her womb for nine good months, whose breast you sucked for probably years, who cleaned you and fed you, how can you understand your life partner that came along the line. its clear, our lives are shaped out based on the relationships we get in and. From my personal experience, I have come to an understanding that there are some values that are very essential in all relationships and they are RESPECT, LOVE AND SELF-CONTROL.

Which one of these do you agree or not agree with? And why?

What are your THREE values? maybe it’s UNDERSTANDING etc

How do you feel about these in your relationship?
Does it help you grow or not?

To help you think more about this I want to share a story with you…

But always remember you relationship with GOD comes first and above all relationships.

A Shoulder Is All You Need When The Storm Crashes In.

It’s a discussion that brings up some very strong emotions. Within hours superstorm sandy destructed the city and its surrounding cities. The storm left tens of thousands of people homeless. Hurricane Sandy destroyed the northeast, Staten Island, and New Jersey which caused the city to suffer some of the worst devastation. Superstorm Sandy’s surge was one of the biggest to hit New York City. Residents are still struggling to recover from the storm according to my interview with Craig a victim of superstorm sandy. “It was definitely unexpected” Craig says. It was just another rainy day for this person at work until he heard the news on the radio. He decided to call his brother whom he lived with. After that call, Craig did not hear from his brother until the following day. There were many thoughts running through his head.

Craig lost his home and everything inside. “We always thought I’d be like the hurricane from before, which was no big deal” Craig says. They were expecting the rain as usual. “Its very shocking and devastating to have your home submerged in water” Crag stated as I watched the tears fall down his cheeks. FEMA did come in and support at that very moment but off course they had to get their life and stuff together on their own and as Craig mention he’s almost 50% there”. The victim merely receives any help from anyone besides his sister.

Sandy smacked into the east coast, sending water surging into homes and businesses and even taking lives. And it’s obvious those who lost loved ones, still grieves. Have the City forgotten about them or what? Many citizens went without power and financially had to fight back throughout Staten Island’s beach area and the surround cities. Craig’s brother had to swim a mile to get in other to get out of the flood and sadly this occurred right after Craig hung up the phone with his brother. HIs entire life flashed in his face within a minute. Craig says his brother was picked up by an unidentified Samaritan man on a boat took him out of the storm to help him get warm.

In countless ways up and down the east coast, survivors of superstorm Sandy remember this day, almost two years ago, when floodwater poured across the populated islands of Staten Island and the Jersey shore. Craig didn’t think he would come up the block to see his house, everything he owned and everything he had gone and not be there anymore.

He received clothes from supervisor and a coach from his sister. Through it all, the storm has caused him to be smarter and become more safe aware. Out of super storm sandy the victor paved his way to buy a car. And when I asked him his greatest lesson from from this tragedy Craig’s statement was “the best thing to do is to be prepared at all times in life because you just don’t know when anything will happen. Its very important to have a family member who will help and support in times”. And all i could say was “a shoulder to lean on is all you need when the not so perfect time come crashing in”