What Should A Good Relationship Be About?

In my mind when somebody says “relationship” I think of my girlfriends or my family. But of course relationships include our friends both men and women, family, co-workers, directors and supervisors, church family, strangers etc. Relationships are hard point blank! They can bring us down or uplift us, it can confuse us, scare us for life and we may not even realize it. But it all depend on you as an individual. My chiropractor said to me the other day “if you cant understand the women who carried you in her womb for nine good months, whose breast you sucked for probably years, who cleaned you and fed you, how can you understand your life partner that came along the line. its clear, our lives are shaped out based on the relationships we get in and. From my personal experience, I have come to an understanding that there are some values that are very essential in all relationships and they are RESPECT, LOVE AND SELF-CONTROL.

Which one of these do you agree or not agree with? And why?

What are your THREE values? maybe it’s UNDERSTANDING etc

How do you feel about these in your relationship?
Does it help you grow or not?

To help you think more about this I want to share a story with you…

But always remember you relationship with GOD comes first and above all relationships.

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