With Minister Gyamfi



I am so happy to have met the famous gospel musician in my generation- Minister Chris Gyamfi. He is a humble, free spirited soul. Before our interview about his upcoming gospel show in Brooklyn- “Healing In His Presence”, we spoke on many diverse topics including food, challenges people face in this end time etc. He even encouraged me to continue singing and offered me a back-up singing position for his program next year. “I don’t know how true that is lol but I’ll start working on it”.

He is very committed to winning young souls for the kingdom of God. He does this by raising young gospel musicians as leaders, raising donations and funds for the orphans and the poor in Ghana.

His involvement to win souls does not end there. On the weekend, Minister Gyamfi evangelize around his neighborhood talking to people about worshiping, praising God and partaking in church activities.

Minister Chris Gyamfi refrains from greasy and oily food as much as possible. He enjoys eating fruits and working on his vocals as he advised me to stop eating my favorite African dish- banku and tylapia if I wanted to join the back- up singers :-). So now I have decided to eat more bananas.


Stay tune for my excusive interview with Minister Gyamfi about his program ‘Healing In His Pesence” in Calvary Cathedral of Praise, Brookyln. its happening June 13th at 3pm sharp. See you there!


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