Patience will give you what you want; but use your eyes while you wait like you would be stricken blind tomorrow.

“To be faithful” means to be loyal to someone or something no matter how difficult it gets. To be faithful compels you to be religiously committed regardless the condition or the opportunities presented your way. Many of you may know this old saying “an opportunity should not determine your loyalty”. So on that note remember everything happens for a reason. Just as the people who come our way, they are there for a purpose. So when its time to move on, move in peace!

Peacefully cutting ties with people when that motive comes to an end, clears your past, and paves a better way for the future. But not in this generation unfortunately. It’s easier said than done! People would rather have the past distortedly scattered with cloudy buzz, without any concern or apprehension of that irritating future openings. People pretty much do not care.

On the other hand, people carelessly prey from one opportunity to the other seeking to eat any cake from any birthday celebration for many reasons.

Do NOT be that kind. Always remember you can easily judge the true character of a man by the way he treats you when you serve him no good.

Faithfully reconcile with your past and move slowly when the time is right!

Listen to what others have to say about God’s faithfulness, and faithfullness in the church

It is exceptional to meet someone who has served under a leader, a business, or a ministry for at least 10 years in this era.

I will share what i have noticed from the little glimpse of experiences I have gained in institutions, companies and organizations. I have seen numerous diverse faces coming in and out. People find it difficult to settle at one place. Nevertheless faithfulness make sure regardless the differences, you depart in peace truthfully

And if you’re on the other side, remember, you will not get to the finish line with the people you started with. And if you do, it will be less than the original count.

People you have groomed or even elevated will discard you at some point but that situation is to strengthen the journey and help boost your drive. Many positives are to be taken from that. Hence you learn more of yourself as well. Most importantly it will help you opt for people who will embark and help you.

The journey will not be easy so leave room to know more and open your eyes like you’d be blind tomorrow.

There is always the need for more. You can never know too much. It is vital to enhance yourself through education and prepare yourself in this changing world in this generation by engaging yourself.

Embrace time and challenge yourself in all situations!

-Lady Portia

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