Pneuma Camp 2015- MSMC, Newburgh New York

The camp that drew me closer to God; I have become a prayer machine”

I believe God can use the youth of this generation more than God using the adults. I say this because of my remarkable experience at Pneuma Camp 2015 hosted by Pneuma Ministries. On July 29, I had the privilege to join this year’s camp; theme “The people that know their God” for 4 days (Wednesday through Saturday) at Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh New York. This years camp comprises of 4 major Pentecostal Churches countrywide who came together to enrich the spiritual and prayer lives of the young. It is open to the public.

There were a host of pastors, youth leaders, and a counselor available at all times throughout the day. A typical day at Pneuma camp 2015 includes Morning Devotion, Main Talk – which is more like a regular service, Group Bible Discussions, Counseling, and Intensive Prayer. Let me not forget the endless “buffet style” lunch and dinner, a variety of games and recreations, and an outstanding entertaining talent show never to be compared to the ordinary. These young people are given the chance to exhibit the unique talents God has given them in many ways, such as motivational speaking, dancing, singing… etc.

It was a memorable week of fun productive activities and abundant spirit filled moments, including a vision workshop geared as an entrepreneurship project. For this project, the population was divided into groups to bring their dreams as business owners to fruition by developing business plans including goal settings, marketing, revenues and etcetera for a company randomly chosen. It was later then presented to a panel of judges including myself. In pitching this, they ought to convince us to invest our money in their business. It did not only strike individuals with a foresight in entrepreneurship but to rather give everyone the chance to bring their dreams (whatever it is) to fruition with a simple guideline of asking yourself a list of pertinent questions. It internally motivates you.


Judges for Vision Workshop

A day begins with Bible Devotion at 7am followed by innumerable lively time with God through praises and worship led by two youth member from each church. Revelator Ben Opoku; the guest speaker, with the unction of God took the multitude of 100 plus to a different elevation each hour spent at Sakac Hall.

I am a member of a prophetic church so praying, fasting, prophecy, and encountering the Holy Spirit during a service is not a shocker but I have never in my entire Christian life after accepting the Lord as my personal savior experienced such. No words can describe exactly what was going on. Saying that the Holy Spirit was hovering around touching almost EVERY single soul is an understatement.

There is a difference between “knowing about the power of God” and “experiencing the POWER of God”. Pneuma Camp gave me the chance to genuinely experience the God that I know to do exploits. From my stay there, I know my God much better because I am blessed, I am chosen, I am predestined, and I am accepted.


– Revelator Ben Opoku (Guest Speaker)

Pneuma Camp is a manifestation of how God can use His children no matter your story. The lives of these young people are transformed through the teaching of the word of God and intensive prayer.

I can never forget that midnight hour prayer in that frozen cold break-room. There, was when I felt the FIRE of GOD. It took me by surprise to see everyone including that 10-year-old girl, who stood across from me speaking in tongues, clapping her hands and sweating like a woman in labor ready to deliver her blessings in her hand. There I realized there was no time to scrutinize but to allow God to use you in a way like never before.

I vividly remember the windows completely fogged up as an illustration of the power of His spirit. I returned to church the following Sunday immediately grabbing the microphone when pastor called for the prayer team. “No one had to tell me what to do as a child of the most high”. I have become “a prayer machine” thanks to Pneuma Camp.


– Destiny Hour

My views before going to the camp have definitely changed for the best. It still marvels me to see over 100 youths and young adults on fire for Christ, who are prayer warriors and changing destinies because they know the works of the spirit. I honestly came back home renewed, restored, refreshed with a new oil and feeling blessed off course.

Pneuma Camp 2015 was everything I needed and more and for that reason, I will not miss it for anything next year and the remaining years. Make sure you join me! #PneumaCamp

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  1. Portia your testimony is amazing.
    The presence of The Holy Spirit was real and I am thankful that The Lord confirmed His Word with signs and wonders. Thanks for coming to Pneuma Camp 2015.

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