Pushed To The Limit

There’s so much a person can take in.  And sometimes we do things we don’t mean to because we are pushed to our limits from different angles. You name it. We are pressured to act out of character. We forget it’s part of the trials. But let’s remember this “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God”.

Everyone is so called Christian or off good morals but it’s a whole new ball game when reality hits and it’s time to be practical with what we preach.

Spiritually we are all on a different level. Our worship and relationship with God varies on different levels. Meaning the way l’ll handle an attack will be quite different from the way you will.

My tiny message for you today is to remember not everyone will think or react the way you will. Renew your mind. Grab on to your own standards and morals. Do not allow anyone or anything to get hold of you. It’s all about your mindset! Love is Love


I Am Portia A


“Give a girl the right camera and she’ll rock the world”

A Fresh Start

Everyday is a perfect time to start fresh but use today as the opportunity. Let it motivate you. Many could not make it this far thus you can have a brand new start when you open your eyes every morning. Be grateful and appreciative of every disappointment life throws your way because disappointment always come with a side of lesson. It’s okay to not know it all because if you knew it all, you would still question it. Believe me! Continue to be good to those who’ve been good to you and even to those who hate your gut and have been plain evil to you. Do not pay evil with evil. It only makes you just as low as them. To be the better person, bless those who curse you and leave them with peace. For next few months remaining in 2015 step out in boldness and fulfill your dreams! its NOT to late. fix your attitude because that will be your main and only disability. You will get distracted with many voices but look ahead. The best self fulfillment in this all is when you nail it becomes practical!

Be courageous and earn it! It’s yours, claim it! Recollect yourself. It’s never too late. Shalom!


I Am Portia A