Take A Bite Out Of Life

We get so caught up with our daily routine that we forget to have fun. We are busy everyday making things happen, running around and almost loosing our minds. We forget to explore new ways and new things to excite our short time here on earth. Sometimes we do not think its necessary to have fun because we see it as a luxury rather a necessity. Do not be seriously rigid in life. Find joy in all you do. Life should be  fun. Fun sometimes become a driving force to even work harder. The fact of the matter is, a little fun refreshes us. Find something fun to do and do it. It’ll keep you younger and every aspect of your life will be affected positively. Have an adventure everyday. Take risks. Give something else a shot! We are here today and gone tomorrow. Only you can find the joy you really desire in life, so what are you waiting for? The only thing comfortable with what you’re comfortable with right now is being comfortable with it forever. Find courage to breakthrough and have more fun. Whether it’s your relationship, your health, career, education or even a new hair style! Take that bold step and  H A V E    F U N !


Portia A