It’s Worth Never Giving Up

Investing in YOU requires determination and commitment despite delays, setbacks, sidetracks and turnarounds. Your Destiny is worth never giving up. People around will not see your effort neither do they know what God is doing on your behalf when things are the way it is and not the way they expect it to be. Continue to invest everything in yourself because no one can believe in you if you cannot bet your last dime on your own self.

Live with passion no matter the delays and setbacks. Allow every step in your life to lean towards your goals for setbacks come to revive your drive and to also prepare you for what’s ahead. Your destiny is worth fighting for. People wI’ll  look in from the outside and question your blessings, they’ll wonder how you survive, and as a result assume you have things easily. But little do they know the hard work, sleepless nights, prayer and fasting it took.

Next time you’re sitting down genuinely enjoying a cold beverage or the total opposite thinking about how far you’ve come remember your DESTINY is worth NEVER giving up.
They can walk a thousand mile in your shoes and still not feel exactly what you felt when you wore them.