“You’re not your hair, you’re not your skin. You’re the soul that lives inside of you”- India Arie

Why is it still a contentious argument as to what is considered pretty; being dark skin or light skin? During my school age days I was either called ugly or “too pretty for a dark skin girl”. I battled with the struggle of not knowing whether a girl my color can be pretty or not. Girls with the same skin tone or darker shades are constantly being reminded that there’s something obviously different with their complexion. But my question is why is there a suppressing image of black women?

I learned to embrace my color during my college years after I made myself answer the following questions.
1. Why does it matter what society considered beautiful?
2. How will the answer to that add or take away my inner beauty?
3. if I became what society expected of me then what value do I hold of myself?
From there I concluded to never allow anyone to define who I am.

A friend said to me “I am beautiful because I am lighter, that is what makes me unique, maybe I wouldn’t look this cute if was dark”. Now just ponder on this for a split second and place yourself in the mind of a 7year old black girl who looks like the photo below. I’m sure my friend meant no harm but had no clue the power behind those words.

Even though I have friends who were dark now a shade or two lighter, I am aware of my beautiful features without the question of my complexion. From the size or my nose to my small ears, to my wide forehead and my big round uneven eyeballs and my beautiful thick brows. The long showers won’t do it young people, neither will the “fair claires”.

It’s amazing after arriving in African in this day and age all you see on billboards and on televisions are skin lightening commercials. I have come to realization that it’s a mental bondage. If anywhere in the world should be promoting skin bleaching, our origin should be the last place. It will start with self consciousness.

My beautiful black, dark, brown, godiva, hershey’s women or whatever shade you consider yourself let’s accept who we are so these young men and women of the next generation will not be threaten by each other or be embarrassed but rather embrace each other.

Personally in spite of it all, I am proud to be an example for young black dark skin girls to accept who they are. Just remember you have more inside of you than what people see outside of you.

Be Bold & Beautiful