A Night of Wisdom With Christian Women In Media

On Thursday March 15th, Christian Women in Media Association hosted an Evening of Education, Inspiration and Connection at the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) studio in New York. This event was open to all women in the Tri-state area.

The event was incredibly empowering and refreshing. Being in the midst of some powerful Christian Women in Media listening to their journey and calling but more importantly how they are using their platform for the Lord and to serve others was exactly what I needed to hear.

The night began with a meet and greet, refreshments and an opening remark from Chris Luppo; Producer, Production Management, TV Host and Speaker and the Regional Director of Christian Women In Media. She introduced the organization, its board members, the purpose and other upcoming events.

The beautiful Jacqui Phillips; an Author, Speaker, Celebrity Make-up Artist also shared a few words of encouragement and some key points from her book “Reset”. She also shared a copy of her book via Dropbox with all attendees which I thought was very graceful. Her point for the night was to comfortable hitting the reset button, setting goals,  starting afresh and taking one action step a day. It took her 5 years to get to live the beginning of her dreams. She emphasizes on the courage to change one thing that we’ve always wanted to change in our lives and to create an action plan towards it. These words personally struct me deeply.

My one-on-one with Jacqui encouraged me to put God first in my career, to have a plan to serve Him and overall to never give up. I must do it on my own with or without any hand outs. It will be much appreciated it at the longer run. Doing your work with excellence with God will be more rewarding than expected. And truly speaking a few days after discovering this, God continued to open great doors for me in my Media career beyond my own imagination. “He placed it on my lap”

Author/Speaker, Tv anchor and speaker of the night Lisa Burkhardt Worley spent nineteen years in television as a sports anchor and reporter, appeared nationally on both HBO Sports and ESPN, spoke about her roller coaster journey with God through her career and how God had to get her attention through a devastating job loss in other to rebuild her relationship with her mom and rededicate her life, and her television career to God. “I had to take it away from you to get your attention” she reports was the voice of God.

Sometimes God has to place us in an empty room with nothing and no one to turn to so we can remember who our creator is, so we know who we have to turn to, so we know who’s capable of doing all things, so we know who deserves the praise at the end.

It was a night of wisdom! I urge you all to start taking everything to God in prayer and ask for his guidance. “If it is truly your calling, no matter how far or lost you are, He will place it on your lap if you ask for His help”.