Tene Nicole, Marketing and Public Relations’ 3rd Annual #SupportYourGirlfriends Pow(H)er Awards Dinner.

On Tuesday November 19, 2019, Tene Nicole, Marketing and Public Relations’ Hosted it’s 3rd Annual Pow(H)er Awards Dinner at the famous Walt Clyde Frazier Wine & Dine. It was an annual event that recognizes highly-accomplished, innovative women for their achievements and improvements in their respective careers.

It was an evening dedicated to giving back said CEO and Founder Nikkia McClain. The dinner was curated for two hundred and fifty influential guests from business, politics, media and entertainment industries such as Founder of ADCOLOR, Tiffany Warren, Social Justice Activist Tamika Mallory, EVP Business Development Endeavor Michele Thornton Ghee, and so many more. Award-Winning Journalist & Talk Show Host Tamron Hall was honored the 2019 “Unapologetically HER” Pow(H)er Awards, which was presented by American broadcast journalist and executive producer, Soledad O’Brien.

Another special honoree for 2019 “Unapologetically HER” Pow(H)er Awards was Entertainment Powerhouse, Yandy Smith-Harris who gave a heart felt speech about our communities uniting together to be the voice for the oppressed and to help address some sensitive subjects such as mass incarceration.

Yandy Smith-Harris on the pink-carpet

Tene Nicole, Marketing and Public Relations’ ability to organize such an empowering evening was inspiring for so many women in attendance. We were immersed in a sea full of powerful women of color. All hats off to the incredible CEO and Founder Nikkia McClain for creating such a platform for tribe of powerful women to celebrate each other and to learn from each other.

Entrepreneur and entertainment pioneer Monique Idlett said to me “We don’t have to be the best of friends, but Let’s Make Money Together”.

My personal take home was the inspiring off camera conversation I had with The humbling Michele Thornton Ghee to know your worth as a woman at your place of work and know when the time is right for the next venture.

A Night of Wisdom With Christian Women In Media

On Thursday March 15th, Christian Women in Media Association hosted an Evening of Education, Inspiration and Connection at the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) studio in New York. This event was open to all women in the Tri-state area.

The event was incredibly empowering and refreshing. Being in the midst of some powerful Christian Women in Media listening to their journey and calling but more importantly how they are using their platform for the Lord and to serve others was exactly what I needed to hear.

The night began with a meet and greet, refreshments and an opening remark from Chris Luppo; Producer, Production Management, TV Host and Speaker and the Regional Director of Christian Women In Media. She introduced the organization, its board members, the purpose and other upcoming events.

The beautiful Jacqui Phillips; an Author, Speaker, Celebrity Make-up Artist also shared a few words of encouragement and some key points from her book “Reset”. She also shared a copy of her book via Dropbox with all attendees which I thought was very graceful. Her point for the night was to comfortable hitting the reset button, setting goals,  starting afresh and taking one action step a day. It took her 5 years to get to live the beginning of her dreams. She emphasizes on the courage to change one thing that we’ve always wanted to change in our lives and to create an action plan towards it. These words personally struct me deeply.

My one-on-one with Jacqui encouraged me to put God first in my career, to have a plan to serve Him and overall to never give up. I must do it on my own with or without any hand outs. It will be much appreciated it at the longer run. Doing your work with excellence with God will be more rewarding than expected. And truly speaking a few days after discovering this, God continued to open great doors for me in my Media career beyond my own imagination. “He placed it on my lap”

Author/Speaker, Tv anchor and speaker of the night Lisa Burkhardt Worley spent nineteen years in television as a sports anchor and reporter, appeared nationally on both HBO Sports and ESPN, spoke about her roller coaster journey with God through her career and how God had to get her attention through a devastating job loss in other to rebuild her relationship with her mom and rededicate her life, and her television career to God. “I had to take it away from you to get your attention” she reports was the voice of God.

Sometimes God has to place us in an empty room with nothing and no one to turn to so we can remember who our creator is, so we know who we have to turn to, so we know who’s capable of doing all things, so we know who deserves the praise at the end.

It was a night of wisdom! I urge you all to start taking everything to God in prayer and ask for his guidance. “If it is truly your calling, no matter how far or lost you are, He will place it on your lap if you ask for His help”.



With Age Comes Wisdom


When you are young, you are foolish! I know that is such a bold statement but with age comes growth whether it be intellectual, physical, emotional or mental. The less experienced you are the more likely you are to do insensible things.

I can confidently say when I was young I was naive. I thank God, that I am not who I use to be. Growing up I had such a strong personality and in order to defend myself in certain situations I would resort to fighting. I would talk back and get out of character to prove a point to people who didn’t matter.

What made it worse, is that standing up for myself was all that mattered to me. If you look back on your life from 10 years ago and can say the same things that mattered then matters now then I will say that you have a lot of growing up to do.

A year from now I may look back and make a mockery out of something I did today, but that’s the beauty of life. If you are not learning something new everyday then you are not living within your full potential. Albert Einstein, once said “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”.





Celtics select Ben Bentil with the 51st pick


Benjamin Bentil the 21 year old Ghanaian basketball player who recently completed his college career at Providence College now the 51st pick from Celtics.

At 15 years old Bentail came from Ghana and wanted to be a professional volleyball player at one point but winds up playing basketball and soccer at one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the United States -St. Andrews School in Wilmington, Del.

“All I needed was the opportunity and I got it. Time to prove myself” – Bentil tweeted right after his pick

I am sure his journey has been remarkable from Ghana, West Africa to the United States.

He’s 6’8″ with a 7’2″ wingspan, so he’s got a great NBA body. 🙂

Abraham Attah Joins Spider Man: Homecoming, Making Africa Proud


‘Beasts of No Nation’ Star Abraham Attah the 15-year-old Ghanaian actor is joining the cast ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ in a yet to be revealed role. This is Attah’s first major role since Beasts.

Attah was discovered while playing soccer and made a remarkable screen debut as a child solider in Netflix’s first ever awards campaign for “Beasts,” alongside his costar with Idris Alba. He was also a presenter at this year’s Academy Awards.

Attah is separately attached to play one of the leads in Christian Loubek’s upcoming feature film, Buffalo, which Anonymous Content is producing.

Ghanaians are coming up! Continue to make Africa proud young man.

“You’re not your hair, you’re not your skin. You’re the soul that lives inside of you”- India Arie

Why is it still a contentious argument as to what is considered pretty; being dark skin or light skin? During my school age days I was either called ugly or “too pretty for a dark skin girl”. I battled with the struggle of not knowing whether a girl my color can be pretty or not. Girls with the same skin tone or darker shades are constantly being reminded that there’s something obviously different with their complexion. But my question is why is there a suppressing image of black women?

I learned to embrace my color during my college years after I made myself answer the following questions.
1. Why does it matter what society considered beautiful?
2. How will the answer to that add or take away my inner beauty?
3. if I became what society expected of me then what value do I hold of myself?
From there I concluded to never allow anyone to define who I am.

A friend said to me “I am beautiful because I am lighter, that is what makes me unique, maybe I wouldn’t look this cute if was dark”. Now just ponder on this for a split second and place yourself in the mind of a 7year old black girl who looks like the photo below. I’m sure my friend meant no harm but had no clue the power behind those words.

Even though I have friends who were dark now a shade or two lighter, I am aware of my beautiful features without the question of my complexion. From the size or my nose to my small ears, to my wide forehead and my big round uneven eyeballs and my beautiful thick brows. The long showers won’t do it young people, neither will the “fair claires”.

It’s amazing after arriving in African in this day and age all you see on billboards and on televisions are skin lightening commercials. I have come to realization that it’s a mental bondage. If anywhere in the world should be promoting skin bleaching, our origin should be the last place. It will start with self consciousness.

My beautiful black, dark, brown, godiva, hershey’s women or whatever shade you consider yourself let’s accept who we are so these young men and women of the next generation will not be threaten by each other or be embarrassed but rather embrace each other.

Personally in spite of it all, I am proud to be an example for young black dark skin girls to accept who they are. Just remember you have more inside of you than what people see outside of you.

Be Bold & Beautiful

It’s Worth Never Giving Up

Investing in YOU requires determination and commitment despite delays, setbacks, sidetracks and turnarounds. Your Destiny is worth never giving up. People around will not see your effort neither do they know what God is doing on your behalf when things are the way it is and not the way they expect it to be. Continue to invest everything in yourself because no one can believe in you if you cannot bet your last dime on your own self.

Live with passion no matter the delays and setbacks. Allow every step in your life to lean towards your goals for setbacks come to revive your drive and to also prepare you for what’s ahead. Your destiny is worth fighting for. People wI’ll  look in from the outside and question your blessings, they’ll wonder how you survive, and as a result assume you have things easily. But little do they know the hard work, sleepless nights, prayer and fasting it took.

Next time you’re sitting down genuinely enjoying a cold beverage or the total opposite thinking about how far you’ve come remember your DESTINY is worth NEVER giving up.
They can walk a thousand mile in your shoes and still not feel exactly what you felt when you wore them.


Take A Bite Out Of Life

We get so caught up with our daily routine that we forget to have fun. We are busy everyday making things happen, running around and almost loosing our minds. We forget to explore new ways and new things to excite our short time here on earth. Sometimes we do not think its necessary to have fun because we see it as a luxury rather a necessity. Do not be seriously rigid in life. Find joy in all you do. Life should be  fun. Fun sometimes become a driving force to even work harder. The fact of the matter is, a little fun refreshes us. Find something fun to do and do it. It’ll keep you younger and every aspect of your life will be affected positively. Have an adventure everyday. Take risks. Give something else a shot! We are here today and gone tomorrow. Only you can find the joy you really desire in life, so what are you waiting for? The only thing comfortable with what you’re comfortable with right now is being comfortable with it forever. Find courage to breakthrough and have more fun. Whether it’s your relationship, your health, career, education or even a new hair style! Take that bold step and  H A V E    F U N !


Portia A

Pushed To The Limit

There’s so much a person can take in.  And sometimes we do things we don’t mean to because we are pushed to our limits from different angles. You name it. We are pressured to act out of character. We forget it’s part of the trials. But let’s remember this “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God”.

Everyone is so called Christian or off good morals but it’s a whole new ball game when reality hits and it’s time to be practical with what we preach.

Spiritually we are all on a different level. Our worship and relationship with God varies on different levels. Meaning the way l’ll handle an attack will be quite different from the way you will.

My tiny message for you today is to remember not everyone will think or react the way you will. Renew your mind. Grab on to your own standards and morals. Do not allow anyone or anything to get hold of you. It’s all about your mindset! Love is Love


I Am Portia A


“Give a girl the right camera and she’ll rock the world”